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Additional Conservative Cosmetic Options

Icon Resin Infiltration

What is Icon Resin Infiltration?

Icon Resin Infiltration is a simple yet revolutionary treatment for removing white spot lesions on the teeth.

It’s a minimally-invasive, relatively low-cost option that can be used as a more affordable, low-maintenance alternative to composite resin bonding or porcelain veneers to improve the shade and consistency of the tooth colour.

While white spots on the teeth are quite common and rarely cause pain or discomfort, for many patients, they can be a cosmetic concern. There are a variety of causes, including fluorosis, dental trauma, plaque accumulation, dietary factors, and enamel hypoplasia.

How does Icon Resin Infiltration work?

This treatment is extremely straightforward and can be achieved in a single visit. As it’s not painful, it doesn’t require any numbing or injections.

First, the surface of the tooth is etched lightly to remove the outer remineralised layer of enamel, then the tooth is dried. The resin infiltrant is applied and soaks in for several minutes. It is then set with a curing light after any excess material has been removed.

This process is repeated several times, and then the tooth is polished to appear perfectly smooth.

Enamel Microabrasion

Enamel Microabrasion

Another additional cosmetic dental treatment for minor imperfections is enamel microabrasion using Opalustre™. This is used for improving surface texture and colour, by removing surface-level stains such as white fluorosis or brown spots.

How does enamel microabrasion work?

Like Icon Resin Infiltration, this minimally-invasive treatment can be completed within a single appointment, pain-free.

Using a very small brush, an acid-abrasive gel is carefully painted onto the teeth with light pressure until the stain reduces significantly or disappears.

Varnish is then applied to the teeth to harden their surface after treatment. It’s also recommended to apply a remineralising cream at home for a short period after microabrasion to enrich the teeth with minerals.

Masseter injections are a form of muscle relaxant placed into the muscle to temporarily block its nerve signals, helping to reduce the jaw’s ability to clench and grind.

Gold Coast Cosmetic Dentistry

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